DEBT FREE AND STRESS FREE IN 2013! You can use your tax refund to receive this fresh start.

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Did you know that you are allowed to use your tax refund to help you file a bankruptcy?  This is a unique time of year where people usually receive some excess money when they file their taxes.  Although you may have ear marked this money for other things, does the idea of debt free resonate as stress free to you?  If so, you should call my office at 407-217-5807 now to schedule a free consultation to go over your situation and see if bankruptcy is the avenue you are looking for in order to be debt free in 2013.   Bankruptcy is an amazing opportunity designed to give individuals a fresh start, free from the financial burdens that life sometimes places on us.  If your income is lower than your expenses and/or you are paying high interest rates on high credit lines each month, you should definitely explore your options in bankruptcy.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Use your tax refund wisely and make a decision that will help you get back on your feet, out from under your debt and start living life free of financial stress.  Plan a vacation with next year’s tax refund because you made the best decision for you to be debt free and stress free in 2013!  Call my office now (407) 217-5807.

Remember, taking care of yourself and your loved ones is most important in life. I care about you and your future! ~ Katie

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